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Cover up/Correction of previous tattoo.

If you had your permanent make up done at another studio, please do not book as a touch up. You will need to book an appointment as a “Correction of previous tattooed eyebrows. Before making an appointment, please make sure to send us good quality pictures from different angles standing in day light, so I can review and let you know if I can work with your previous tattooed brows.  Please don’t use indoor lights or flash because this will change the color of your permanent make up
This service is suited for clients who had permanent makeup at another studio but would like to correct the shape, color look of their eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. Artist usually uses both color and shape correction methods during this procedure.

  • Color correction is when the shape of the eyebrows, eyeliner or lip blush tattoo is what the client wants, but the color is poor or faded to blue, purple or red. The correct color is used over the previously faded permanent makeup to change it toward a more natural color.
  • Shape correction is used to improve symmetry, shape or balance of uneven permanent lips, eyeliner or eyebrow.